Ardix Software creates applications using it’s own unique technology.

What are ERP systems?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used to manage all resources of a company, regardless of it’s size or industry. Examples are sales, production, finance, accounting, logistics and marketing. Automating those processes improves the efficiency, the quality and processes can be monitored in detail what allows further improvements.

Our solutions are created with unique technology, which significantly shortens the development time.

The software is developed modularly, so you don’t have to wait for the whole application to be ready to start using it.

In our business, we place particular emphasis on:

Data confidentiality and security
Openness to non-standard challanges
Individual approach
Professionalism and experience
Guarantee of stability and reliability


Ardix Software makes use of an own developed browser (comparable with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). This browser is fully optimized to work efficient in a business environment. Classic Internet browsers are excellent for presenting simple data that must look nice. They are however not intended and not suitable for efficiently managing a complex business.

Our unique technology helps us to quickly generate elements such as windows, filters, charts, reports, language versions, basic actions, user permissions system, tracking changes etc. so that our programmers can focus solely on implementing your business logic into the application.

Main characteristics

The main differences between our technology and the technology of our competitors are:

  • Applications are mainly configured in database tables instead of fully programmed. That is much faster and easier than programming, and it makes our systems easy adaptable by users itself.
  • Applications are a combination of standard modules and parts that are automatically generated starting from a business analysis (not a technical analysis). This analysis can be made in a very short time, what makes the global developing process extremely fast. Fine tuning the graphical interface requires some simple programming. Business logic is programmed in the database.
  • Our applications always run in a browser that is optimized for business environments. The browser is constantly improved, so that all our clients can automatically and free of charge make use of all the new features.

Standard features of our browser

Basic window actionsInsert/update/delete/selections/working with groups/window design/specific actions. Choose personalized scale, background, sound
User managementAccessibility to the above actions can be set per window / action and per users / user group.
Designing windowsWindows are developed automatically, and can be modified completely manually while the system is in use.
ChartsPie charts, bar charts and line charts from any data.
Includes JAVA compiler/debuggerCalculated fields, specific actions, default settings etc. can be executed in this way.
Database actionsCreate / configure yourself: SQL commands, Import/Export from/to other data sources, automatic repetition of these types of operations.
LoggingBe able to see who has done which operation and when.
LanguageEntire interface appears in user’s language.
Email / messages /
Send email to customers, suppliers, etc.
Send messages between users.
Automatic data communication between companies.
ReportsThis browser contains and extensive reporting tool.

Server architecture

On the server side a powerful SQL database is used.

On top of that there is a Communication Server that ensures that:

  • the browsers can be used efficiently over the internet or the LAN network. (Comparable with webserver for “classic” browser),
  • different server systems can communicate efficient with each other. It makes our systems ideal for managing complex multi company organizations,
  • sending and receiving emails, in combination with Outlook or other email software,
  • file actions on the server. (Store data in files, replace files, cleanup files, …).


Our systems work seamless with other technology:

  • Internet site: No problem to get orders, payments etc. from your internet site into the system.
  • All other current technologies. Create PDF documents, Office tools, etc..


For various specialized actions, three kinds of code are used.

  • Database procedures: Are generally used for business logic and to guarantee the integrity of the data.
  • Java scripts: The browser contains a Java compiler. The Java scripts are used for interface actions like calculated fields, default settings, etc.
  • DLL functions: The browser can call DLL functions.

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