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Together towards your goals!

The first meeting is completely free and without obligations.

At your request, we will sign an NDA. We have our own template, or we can sign a document prepared by you.

How do we operate?

During the first phone conversation…

…we will be able to determine the potential and direction of cooperation together. We will answer pressing issues and also be able to better prepare for our meeting. Upon request, we will of course sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

Next, during a video call…

…we will present the previously created implementations of our systems. We will show you the available options for managing a company similar to yours in them. We will explain their operation and capabilities. At this stage, we will jointly analyze the scope of the application that we could create for you and answer any questions you may have.

At the meeting, we will get to know each other better:

we would be happy to come to your headquarters to thoroughly analyze the processes that will be automated and identify the key points of the application project. This will allow us to create a concept and, as a result, create a prototype of the application. Such a meeting would be free of charge. It is also worth knowing what we will talk about. We encourage you to read the information contained on this page. In the individual tabs, you will find a lot of information about our applications.

When pricing…

…we will also create a prototype that will show you our concept of the program and create a basis for further discussions and work. It usually takes us a few days.

Importantly, it is possible to build the application in modules – start with one process and then add more.

When we get the green light…

…during the entire process of developing your software, we meet online at regular meetings, where you will have the opportunity to monitor progress and ensure that everything is going according to your vision and meets your needs. If so…

…we launch the application!

  1. We install the software on your devices,
  2. We train key people in your company on how to use it,
  3. We stay in touch!

Completion of implementation and beginning of technical support

The application is already running in your company, but this may also be just the beginning of further cooperation. We can still provide you with technical support services, and if you ever decide to expand the application with additional functionality, we will immediately and happily take on the new challenge.

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