Standard and Personalized Software Solutions

Ardix Software is the specialist in automating your company with standard and tailor-made solutions.

Fastest development

What other companies do in days or weeks of expensive programming we do in hours mainly automatically and by simple and fast configuring.

best price

Because we work much more efficient than any of our competitors, we can also offer the best price.

Best quality

No rigid applications, but a powerful interface that you can easily change by yourself to create all kinds of useful functions.

user friendly

Our systems are configured largely automatically. This leads to an extremely logic structure.

Our services

The Ardix Software team is specialized in delivering ERP applications, tailored to your company regardless of the industry, you are in.

We can offer the best prices and the highest quality because:

  • We start with modules that are applicable for your business. (Example: Buy and sell, stock management, production, CRM, project management etc.)
  • Extremely fast development because lots of programming happens automatically.
  • Our systems are mainly configured (simple) instead of programmed (complex).
  • Our systems are highly adaptable, which makes it easy to create new functionalities by yourself.

Thanks to this unique approach, we can develop comprehensive automation and create the best product for you in a very short time. We provide all the technical support you need. We will introduce additional improvements based on your experiences with the new system and quickly add functionalities when you decide to automate new processes in your business.

Many areas. One application

One application is sufficient for comprehensive support of your business. Comprehensive automation creates space for development or savings that may have seemed impossible to you.

Below are some examples of areas where our systems can be used:


  • Cost measurement of production
  • Maximization of worker efficiency
  • Planning and forecasting of production

Sales Management

  • Client/supplier offers
  • Client/supplier (back) orders
  • Client/supplier (return) deliveries
  • Client/supplier invoices/credit notes


  • Tracking of payments and invoices
  • Monitoring and analyzing company costs

Warehouse Management

  • Forecasting stock levels
  • Separate employee and administrative panel
  • Order automation

Supply chain

  • Tracking shipments
  • Transparency of actions: consistent and efficient communication at every stage
  • Combining the view and work of the warehouse and administration

Project management

  • Reporting system Planning, delegating, and tracking tasks
  • Measuring working time

Our mission

The company was created with the aim of commercializing revolutionary software that has been developed since 2000.
The software is 100% universal and can be used to automate any business or organization process.
This system has been very successful within the ARDIX organization itself and has enabled efficient working both internally and between companies!


years of proven development technology

application built for you.

systems for customization.

It is possible to build the application in modules – start with one process and then add more and more!

We are constantly looking for challenges in the form of new areas to automate.

Any area requiring data collection or standardization of complex, repetitive processes can be incorporated into your application.

The first step,
to your application

Together we will create software tailored to your needs